Wednesday, August 7

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A Strange Love Affair

Movie and artist talk, Q&A

19:30 - 21:30

Eric de Kuyper is a splendid maverick in Flemish literature and cinema. Born in 1942, he has worked his way towards an impressive oeuvre. His autobiographical cycle, which includes Aunt Jeannot’s Hat, earned him the title Proust of the Low Countries. De Kuyper is a chronicler with a refined writing style. Keywords such as melancholy, refinement and beauty typify his kaleidoscopic collections of scenes. His non-traditional films reveal an engineered penchant for melodrama, love songs, and silent movies; their central topic is homosexuality.


In his most narrative film, de Kuyper explores the themes of melodrama in the context of the characters' selection of lovers, and drives it in with an unconventional ending. The black-and-white photography is by the legendary Henri Alekan, cinematographer on Beauty and the Beast (dir. Jean Cocteau, 1946). The love story between a college student and his 40-year-old professor of film studies (like de Kuyper at the time), specialized in Hollywood dramas, takes an unusual twist when the two decide to visit the student’s parents. The father turns out to be the professor's lover of fifteen years ago.

Right after the movie there will be an artist talk with Eric de Kuyper, interviewed by Fleur Pierets. 

Movie still © Eric de Kuyper



20:00 - 20:30

Jill Bertels (Billie Q) gave a Queer eye on Baroque in 2018. This year she will give a lecture on the subject of Judith and Holofernes, one of the most popular themes in western art history. From widow-virgin to femme fatale, from biblical heroine to killer, from marionette to feminist icon, from savior to traitor, Judith was it all. Who is she to you?

Photo © Artemisia Gentileschi




20:30, 21:30

SPIT! (Sodomites, Perverts, Inverts Together!) is a collective formed by Colombian artist Carlos Motta, American art writer John Arthur Peetz and Colombian choreographer and dancer Carlos Maria Romero. The SPIT! Manifesto is indebted to the many artists, activists, collectives and queer people who have publicly spoken out against oppression, violence and stigmatization. Their impetus to create a manifesto reader was to present and contextualize the work that these people had done in more hostile political moments and with less privilege than we enjoy now. Groups like the Gay Liberation Front, the Lavender Menace, the Lesbian Avengers, ACT-UP, and great queer thinkers like Sarah Schulman, David Getsy, Dean Spade, Harry Hay, Audre Lorde, and incredible queer artists like Julius Eastman, Emily Roysdon, Barbara Hammer, Gran Fury, Derek Jarman, and David Wojnarowicz, among others, provided them with a ripe context to write their own manifestos to address contemporary queer oppression, complacency and resistance. Several members will be present to perform the manifesto’s live.

Photo © Lewis Ronald


Spoken word / dance / hiphop / DJ

21:45 - ...

Spoken word artist Hind Eljadid (known from ZonderWolk events) invites to the stage. Radically inclusive and always aiming for quality is what Hind represents. On her invitation, a diverse set of artists bring their soul onto the stage, creating a multidisciplinary evening on Wednesday. Giving you music, dance and word, each with their own unique story of combative passion. Of course Hind herself will bring you top notch slam poetry.




Marina Kazakova is a young Russian born and Belgium-based writer, poet and audio-visual artist. Her literature works deal to a large degree with confrontation with the past and explore the challenges posed both by memory and grief. Marina holds a Master in Public Relations and in Transmedia. Currently, she is Communications Officer at Victim Support Europe (Brussels) and working on her practice-based PhD in Arts at Luca School of Arts (KULeuven).



Marjan De Ridder is a glitter spitting unicorn, lots of talent combined with a flamboyant personality. She will be sprinkling her words upon the crowd.



Dancer and choreographer Yipoon tells her story through a combination of contemporary dance, breakdance, capoeiara and traditional Cambodian apsara.



Antwerp based female rapper Mel Ross just enjoyed enthusiastic responses on her first EP launch. She is present alongside her partner in crime rapper Sem Phi.


DJ 2EZ (playing on Tomorrowland this year) delivers beats and scratches all light long.

Photo © Jill Bertels




We play from left (PiNG) to right (PoNG) and back right (PoNG) to left (PiNG) PiNG aka Pipco aka Pippe / PoNG aka Miss Tigra aka Wanda playing PinGPoNg with music.

Eclectic with a twist!