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Saturday August 20th

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Een nochtans hele leuke literaire avond.


Kavka Oudaan

€ 8

The wonderful Maud Vanhauwaert hosted her very own literary lez fest 4 years ago during aqaf. This year, she will be the host of "Een nochtans hele leuke literaire avond." The recipe remains more or less the same: we serve you a diverse line-up of lesbian/queer/non-binary/trans defining authors and spoken word artists. We have among others Siska Baeck, Michiko Lii, Femke Vindevogel, Maya Wuytack, Sarah Bekambo and Anna Borodikhina. 

Michiko Lii (c) Morgane Gielen




De Studio

Een erotische collage/zine workshop / an erotic collage/zine making workshop.
In this workshop, stereotypes about queer 50+ women and
non-binary individuals get challenged by making erotic collages and/or zines. Our goal is to create a safe(r) space in which women and non-binary people can take their pens, scissors and glue sticks and work together to dismantle heteronormative ideas about their sexuality. 

Drawing a queer Kamasutra, write pieces of erotic literature, coloring vaginas… it’s all possible! We will provide the necessary inspiration by bringing adult coloring books, magazines, and erotic books. The end result can be made into a zine (when participants consent to that). This workshop is mostly aimed at participants who are 50+

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