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Thursday @ the cinema of De  Studio



Noha Choukrallah (B)

A short movie made by Belgian filmmaker Noha Choukrallah. Amine’s father is pushing him into becoming a free-diving champion. The young man is more attracted to synchronized swimming. Thematizing male identity, Choukrallah delivers a short movie where water and fluidity are central as well.

Photo © Françoise Janssens

Le Dragon à Deux Têtes 
Paris Cannes do Nascimento (BE) 

To escape the homophobic reality of their homeland, two Brazilian identical twins are now living in Europe. The first brother has a perfectly legal status in Brussels, the second is an illegal immigrant and lives like a ghost in the German capital. (21`, 2019)


Playback. ENSAYO DE UNA DESPEDIDA – Agustina Comedi (ARG) - Belgian Première

In Córdoba, far away from Argentina’s capital city, the end of a military regime promises a spring that doesn’t last long. “La Delpi” is the only survivor from a group of transgender women and drag queens, who began to die of AIDS in the late 80’s. In a catholic and conservative city, the Kalas Group made their weapons and trenches out of improvised dresses and playbacks. Today the images of a unique and unknown footage are not only a farewell letter, but also a friendship manifesto.

Julio Mas Alcaraz

Cuban Heel Shoes tells the story of two teenage boys in a marginal neighborhood of Madrid, in a place hostile to each of their desires. With serious family problems, and surrounded by an aggressive, macho, homophobic environment, they must lead a double life to hide their love relationship and their passion for flamenco dance.


Nish Gera

Bound in flowers, a tattooed hand strokes a face. Ropes unwind on the floor. Tremors of pain, tremors of release. What do you desire?

“Motta” follows “hard to classify” Brazilian artist Fabio da Motta as he questions the boundaries between fantasy, submission, provocation and art.

Korée Wilrycx

A young woman, Anna, moves in with her ex-lover, an older man. She discovers that he's married. Wanting to confront her, she visits the woman. Gradually they grow closer together.

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Lara Aerts (NL)

Wen Long naturally and candidly explains that she was born intersex. The nine-year-old wears both boys’ and girls’ clothes and plays with toys intended for both genders. The only problem is that others don’t know what to think of this. People say: ‘If you are boy and girl at the same time, you are basically nothing’. Wen Long isn’t interested in making a choice, but mainly just wants to be herself. 

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