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20:00 — 00:00

De Studio

€ 12


Thursday 11

De Studio

€ 12 for the whole evening 

Queer Lab 


6 young aspiring artists were invited to exchange and experiment during 10 days at De Studio. They will proudly present the outcome of that process! Anne, Ferenc, Komi, Zoë, Lize and Dieuwke are waiting for you.

Arno Verbruggen 20:00 & 22:15 

“Art is where my heart is. I position Art at the level of God and Art is the way to freedom and freedom is our holy work.”, says performer Arno Verbruggen. They took the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorra, combined with personal experiences and brings to the stage the work in progress that is SODOM. 


Blanco Teta

Queer Lab 20:00 


Andras_2020 21:00

Andras_2020 is a nonbinary dancer and musician from Brazil, based in Germany since 2017. Together with 3D animator Lukas Becker, they bring to the stage an audio-visual
performance with tracks from Andras debut ep Cuerpo Temperamental and unreleased works. The performance spirals around transformation, energy and unapologetic
queerness. Andras uses their body and voice throughout an ecstatic set while Lukas’ visual landscapes tops the work with shifting shapes and otherworldly creatures.


Blanco Teta 22:00

Blanco teta is an experimental punkrock project, with the aggressiveness and simplicity of punk but with a great twist: a relentless distorted noise soundscapes, edgy performances, transfeminist and queer concept with an avant-garde approach. Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, born in 2017 with the need to find a unique sound with an atypical formation, given by the presence of the processed cello. Blanco teta is formed by Carola Zelaschi on drums, Carlos E. Quebrada on electric bass and Violeta García on cello. They had released their first Album BLANCO TETA on tape in 2017 under the record label TVLREC and during 2019 they recorded their second album which was released in March 2020 through the label GOZARECORDS. More than a band, Blanco Teta is a performative and visual proposal that establishes a dialogue with the audience. Going to a Blanco Teta show is an immersive experience with high levels of relentless energy and madness. Blanco Teta represents a great movement that articulates with other transfeminist experimental collectives from the upcoming and uprising queer latinx scene. They have played in numerous popular venues in the Buenos Aires experimental scene. They had their first tour abroad in 2019 in Uruguay. In 2020 they had a confirmed tour in Colombia and Europe and was cancelled due to the current pandemic. They are now working on "ROMPEPAGA" their third album. 

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