Sunday, August 11

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What better way to get you going on Sunday than with a Drag brunch. Say what? Drags and brunch, a drag brunch, silly. And to make it even better, alongside your brunch you can get an exclusive taste of ‘Kiss of the Spider Woman’. After ‘Rent’ (2015) and ‘Blood Brothers' (2018) InTeam Productions will bring the Belgian premiere of ‘Kiss Of The Spider Woman’, in september 2019. Especially for AQAF, they will give you an preview of this musical adaptation of the book by Manuel Puig. Surely you have seen the film, winning an Oscar in 1985. ‘Kiss of the Spider Woman’ tells the story of two men, sharing a prison cell in Buenos Aires during the eighties. Molina is incarcerated because of his homosexuality, Valentin because of his revolutionary ideas.


Lecture / Cabaret

13:30 - 15:00

Rosie Garland, writer and cabaret performer from Manchester (UK), will tell us about the suffragette movement in the UK in a lecture, and jazz it up with a Victorian suffragette song or two.

After her talk she is invited to Fleur Pieret’s salon, where Els Flour of het Archief- en Onderzoekscentrum voor Vrouwengeschiedenis (AVG-Carhif) will address the similarities and differences with the struggle for women’s vote in Belgium.


From there we take it to a salon discussion on which battles still need to be fought today. For this discussion, we invited several panellist, all believing in the benefits of an intersectional feminism and will discuss what that means to them.

Clarice M.D. Gargard (NL) is journalist and UN-Women Representative. In March 2019, her documentary film Daddy and the Warlord (director Shamira Raphaela) was released. The doc deals with her family background and the Liberian civil wars. Her book ‘Drakendochter’ (Arbeiderspers),will be launched in september 2019.


Ilse Ghekiere (BE) is a dancer and activist (#Wetoo, ENGAGEMENT). In 2017 Ghekiere received a grant from the Flemish government in order to research sexism within the Belgian dance scene. She is author of several #metoo-related articles, amongst which #Wetoo: What Dancers Talk About When They Talk About Sexism. She founded ENGAGEMENT, an artist movement that puts issues concerning sexual harrasment, sexism and abuse of power in the art world on the agenda.


Simon(e) van Saarloos (NL) is a writer, performer and philosopher. Her manifest “Het monogame drama” (by August available in English as “Playing Monogamy”) did not go unnoticed. In September the essay “Herdenk herdacht”, about queer oblivion, white remembering and physically commemorating.  


Rosie Garland (UK) is a novelist, poet and singer with post-punk band The March Violets. Rosie Garland’s award-winning work appears in Under the Radar, Mslexia, Longleaf Review, Ellipsis and elsewhere. She’s authored three novels: The Palace of Curiosities, Vixen & The Night Brother, which The Times described as “a delight... with shades of Angela Carter”. She also performs as Rosie Lugosi the Lesbian Vampire Queen.

Photo (Simon(e) van Saarloos) © Mona van den Berg



Film, 73'


French director Marie Losier follows Mexican luchador Cassandro during the last years of his long and bone-breaking career. Known as the “Liberace of Lucha Libre”, Saul Armendariz, aka Cassandro, is both fabulous and ferocious. An openly gay champion of Mexican wrestling’s exotico subgenre, in which fighters dress in drag and put on an action-packed show filled with punches, pile-drivers and high camp, the 47-year-old luchador is winding down his long career with plenty of ice packs and memories of his triumphs in the ring. Losier chronicles the wrestler’s twilight years with affection, humor and gravitas, revealing a man who built his hard-knock success across several frontiers: the geographical one between the U.S. and Mexico; the sexual one by practicing a macho, and often brutal, entertainment sport while wearing lady’s spandex, makeup and wonderfully blown-out hair; and the physiological one by wavering between periods of sobriety and addiction as he deals with his substance abuse issues.

Photo © Cassandro