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Sunday, August 7

Bird Watching 
14:00 Loosplaats 2, 2018 Antwerpen, in front of Nativity of Christ Orthodox Church
5 euro recommended/we take donations
In the summer of 2021, a flock of queer birds in Athens - during the Queer Archive Festival - launched a playful, interactive and participatory performance entitled "Bird" Watching: techniques for spotting and identifying queer identities. They collectively tried to think about whether and to what extent slow, mindful and intentional watching can help both the observed and the observers deal better with situations of seeing, “reading”and identifying one another. This summer queer “birds” will land in Antwerp and specifically at Antwerp Queer Arts Festival. Christina Tricha and Anna Schlooz will help you navigate. 



Chimera Gastronomy: Malleable flesh, amalgamated bodies, and
plastic kinship 
Kavka Oudaan 14:00
5 euro recommended/we take donations

With the support of the Institute of Queer Ecology , Noam Youngrak Son has developed the workshop ‘Chimera Gastronomy: Malleable flesh, amalgamated bodies, and plastic kinship’. In the workshop, a group works individually and collectively on a large malleable body consisting of dough. During the kneading, identities, gender and notions surrounding ethics are discussed and reflected. The co-created edible sculpture is thus a translation of our collective and personal struggles, interspecies discoveries and political feelings around bodies in this society. The result of the workshop will be exhibited as a sculptural form. According to Son, this result is a so-called Chimera: a living being that arises from cell mixing.

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