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Saturday, August 12




De Studio


In may ‘79 the left-wing activist group ‘De Rooie Vlinder’ organized the first gay protest in Antwerp, where they demanded “a different beach”. Instead of asking for acceptance and integration of the LGBTQIA+ community into the existing heteronormative society, they didn’t want to settle anymore for this minority status. With the slogan “Faggots on the street”, they no longer just counted on solidarity from others, but first and foremost they found support in their chosen family. That’s why, for the next Pride edition of Send In The Clowns, we’ve challenged a cast of SITC alumni to reach out to their co-stars to put on a show. Because a family that drags together, stays together.

Do you think you got what it takes to take the stage as a drag performer? We would like to see it! Apply through the form on De Studios website and get your 5 minutes of fame in front of a cheering crowd on our Open Stage. 


If you buy a ticket for the show, you get free entrance to the party. There are also separate tickets for the party available.


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