Friday, August 9

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Stonewall Warriors, Celebrating our Heroes from LGBT History


19:00 - 20:00

The Fourth Choir is London's LGBT + chamber choir for advanced singers. Artistic Director, Dominic Ellis-Peckham, is one of the UK's leading choral conductors and works with both professional groups, such as the English National Opera chorus, and educational groups such as the National Youth Choir. The Fourth Choir focus on performing great choral works from early music to contemporary choral masterpieces. Their aim from the outset has been to represent the LGBT + community on London's world-class classical music scene. And beyond.


During the 2016 edition the choir was already a guest at the Antwerp Queer Arts Festival. With their Shakespeare program, they sold out the venue and left the audience totally impressed.

This year, they bring us yet another Belgium premiere: ‘Stonewall Warriors - Celebrating our heroes from LGBT history'.

This musical and dramatic celebration will take you back to 1969, and through many other eras, where more Warriors left behind touching testimonies of same-sex love. The Fourth Choir will bring hidden LGBT+ histories to life, with hauntingly beautiful music by composers such as 12th century nun Hildegarde of Bingen, and 20th century composers Benjamin Britten, jazz legend Billy Strayhorn, and Rufus Wainwright. Extraordinary, real-life stories – of a woman put on trial in 18th century Germany for marrying another woman, history’s most famous bisexual love triangle, a composer who liked to wear drag, and the story of an early HIV survivor – will be retold by actors.



Me, Myself & Marsha


20:30 - 21:10

Scholar and performer Neal Leemut and his partner in crime Danny de Jong bring us 'Me, Myself and Marsha’.  A performance/lecture/happening that celebrates 'everything queer'. It's like a practical guide to a #freakingfagrevolution, but more inclusive and slightly different (but not really).

Photo © Nienke Van Amelsfort


Artist talks

21:00 - 00:00

Author, activist, artist and allround beautiful creature Fleur Pierets will be hosting a salon each day. There she will invite filmmakers, performers, activists… taking part at this year’s festival to sit down and elaborate on their work. A moment for you to listen, contemplate or just ask whatever question you might have for the artists. During Friday’s human rights program of AQAF partner Antwerp Pride (also in De Studio) Fleur will do a talk herself titled About the joy of living outside the blueprint and the power of positive activism.

Fleur Pierets book Julian will be published in September by Das Mag.

21:00 - 21:30 

Antonio Branco & Riccardo T.

21:30 - 22:00

Aurélie - Cocaine Piss

22:00 - 22:30

Hind Eljadid

22:30 - 23:00

Mel Ross

23:00 - 23:30

Lore Borremans & Adam Vincent Clarke

23:30 - 00:00

Carlos Aires

Photo © Marijn Achten



Dance / performance

22:00 - 22:30

A radical bodily and audiovisual statement on riot. A riot against all riots, questioning the dynamics of action – reaction. Using more words: CONTR(A/O)VERS(E/U)S is a dilemma in itself: it gives so many options, you almost loose sight of the message. As a sequel to ERDE/A (created for AQAF 2016), this means the exploration of how an anti-system can turn into a radical system itself again.

CONTR(A/O)VERS(E/U)S is a physical and audiovisual performance. The work is a collaboration between physical performer Lore Borremans and musician Adam Vincent Clarke. It will premiere at AQAF 2019.

Photo © Phil Griffin




22:30 - 23:00

The solo dance piece that Paolo Yao Kouadio is presenting is a “sequel” of a video project he's been collaborating on with visual artist Marta Musial and stylist Rosalie van Velsen. It deals with a personal experience inside a toxic relationship. After a year of struggle he finally managed to get out from that uncomfortable situation but unfortunately his inner self is still fighting against the demons of the past. With H25 the artist is trying to describe through dance the inner emotional discomfort he had to deal with every day of his life, creating a sort of alter ego living in a parallel world looking exactly like ours, where nothing is rational anymore and where feelings are the main language.



23:00 - 23:30

Pink Oculus is the no-nonsense alter ego of actress, producer and singer Esperanza Denswil. Pink Oculus is an innovative artist who effortlessly combines hiphop, soul, jazz, electro and pop. Ready to take on the world with a mixture of raps, sizzling melodies and enchanting musicality. With a dazzling performance at The Great Escape 2016 - she was considered the highlight of the festival - her solid live reputation was made. Citing The Line of Best Fit (UK): “Her bubbling beats and experiments in hip-hop, soul, and jazz present a futuristic vision of trip-hop and also of something else entirely where melody is sparse but irresistible, and where categorisation means little.”

Photo © Jesaja Hizkia



Burning Pricks


23:30 - 00:00

London based performance art duo Antonio Branco & Riccardo T. focuses on the body - its physicality, aura, psyche, and identity. It’s the first and ultimate instrument, raw material and site for performance.They bring a Belgium premiere to the stage with Burning Pricks. In an iconoclastic performance two individuals interact from image to image in a flow of pain, truth, and hypocrisy. While enacting violent and sexual acts they read statements of political and philosophical nature shaping the surreal performance into a radical lecture on virility, femininity, contemporary sexuality, porn consumption, cybersex, polyamory and gender norms. Both performers are naked and holding candles moulded from their own erect penises. They burn slowly and melt over their bodies. The performance functions through a conceptual script, it's never rehearsed and it’s allowed to change constantly, with different spaces and contexts, and to respond to the site in which is set. As part of the ongoing project the makers are creating a series of sculptures casted from bodies present in the areas they perform.

Photo © Holly Revell



00:00 - 00:15

We bring you queer punk from the fervent city of Liège. Belgium has a serious noise punk thing going on and Cocaine Piss is at the forefront. The band from Luik/Liège has been ripping up stages for a few years and has now taken it to the next level with their debut album. The Dancer was recorded with legendary producer Steve Albini in Chicago. And, arguably, this female fronted punk band is the best thing the city has to offer: simple, fast, effective, aggressive yet loving, and with a maniacal live show that will astound you. 

Photo © Tom Roelofs



00:15 - 00:30

Antwerp is familiar with Gregory Frateur (performer and Dez Mona frontman) and his alter ego ‘Grigri y el Macho Fantastico’. Curating the festival for the third time in a row, he will also take the stage himself. Teaming up with Belgium queer punk band Cocaine Piss, Grigri’s back full force and you will not want to miss out on this collaboration created especially for the Antwerp Queer Arts Festival. Expect a Queer Independence Day Party and come and see for yourself on Friday.

Photo © Tom Roelofs



00:30 - ...

Belgian Dj QUIVR is translating her love-affair with music in a unique mix of deep house, techno and tech house. She lived in Bali for the past 5 years and her soulful - and often dirty - beats seduced the crowds of the most famous nightclubs, beach parties and private events of the island. She shared the same stage with International renowned dj’s such as Nora En Pure, Prok & Fitch, My Digital Enemy, Croatia Squad, and more, in the underground scenes of Indonesia, Jakarta and Malaysia. After making her debut in Ibiza at the Woman Only-festival Velvet Ibiza, she relocated to Europe and will be ready for you to hit the dance floor at the Queer Arts Festival.