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Live Performances

More names will follow soon



Berlin based artist Lyra Pramuk fuses classical vocalism, pop sensibilities, performance practices and contemporary club culture in what can best be described as futurist folk music. 
Seizing on recorded work as well as performance to be a process of sampling and synthesis, genres are cross-pollinated and extended, returning all the while back to her formative impulse that storytelling is song, and song is a means of short-circuiting the structures we are sold as a real difference in this world.

Photo © George Nebieridze


At the crossroads of multiple disciplines and identities, Habibitch is building an art practice as ‘woke’ as she is. Habibitch uses spaces from the Ballroom Scene to feminist and institutional stages to express her North-African queer decolonial self. Her performances are always intersectional. Decolonize the Dance Floor is a dance she’s been touring internationally with for two years.



Being an urban popartist with an Academic dance background makes Lebruce quite an unique artist. His music is art and his songs are storytelling. He just got his first EP Flair Talk out.



The sisters Eljadid will team up for AQAF 2020. Fusing beatbox, song, spoken word, Hind and Zahra discovered each other again. They are happy to share this experience with you this summer! Besides being a great performer and writer, Hind is also part of the AQAF artistic team. 

Photo © David Degelin

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