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Queer Choir Amsterdam Rehearsal in May, 2022_edited.jpg

Friday August 26
€ 6

Queer Choir Amsterdam

Tickets at the door


Extra City/Morpho


Queer Choir Amsterdam is an artistic initiative that premises the creation of a brave space to celebrate unique identities and voices. Through their rehearsals and performances they express their ideas for the futures they desire and the narratives they want to share. In the unification of voices, Queer Choir Amsterdam creates harmonies, but also distinctively recognises the varied nature of the human voice and honing agency over our voices.

Queer Choir Amsterdam was founded by artists Shreya de Souza, Mylou Oord and Sarah Naqvi and is conducted by Vera Morais. Queer Choir Amsterdam is currently carried on by Shreya, Mylou and Vera.


Closing Party AQAF 2022


Extra City/Morpho

Sylvia Iweanya is a Belgian-nigerian Dj born and raised in

Brussels. She has been active on the night life scene since 2014. She started out with a mix that she put together for the

magazine « Girls like Us ».

Her selection goes from Trap to Southern hip hop from 2000’s,

Ballroom, Naija , House to Amapiano.

Sylvia has always been a huge fan of Female rappers that she
celebrates every year by publishing a series of mix named »Bad

Girls club ».

Her sets can be defined as eclectic and full of energy.
She played at venues such as Beurschouwburg, Decor Atelier,
Recyclart, Mothers and Daughters and Petit Bain (Paris).
She is also a mom, cultural curator, hair enthusiast, visual artist

and host of mother support groups.

IG Ill_Syll


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