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Queer Arts City Walk

This year AQAF takes it to the streets. For free and in your face, we created a queer city walk for you.

You can see the works at any given time, except for Galerie Verbeeck-Van Dyck (every day from 13:00-18:00) and the Handelsbeurs (every day from 10:00-19:00). 

We also have a queer little island at Zurenborg, consisting of the Pink House and bookstore Kartonnen Dozen. Make sure to check those out, too. 

A Queer Guided Tour

€ 10 p.p. (max 15 people per group)


Professional Belgian and award winning city guide Tanguy Ottomer and museum guide Silvia Terrenzio, known for a superb Mother Mary tour in Antwerp, are awaiting you. The tour is in Dutch. The guides start at Galerie Verbeeck-Van Dyck (Verbindingsdok-Westkaai 12) and drop you off at Mechelseplein two hours later and all queered up!

Sunday, August 2

15:00 & 15:30

Wednesday, August 5


Saturday, August 8

11:00 & 15:00

Sunday, August 9

11:00 & 15:00

Participating artists:

Mati Drome

Joanna Grochowska

Heather Johnson

Oliver Bijan

Jenkin Van Zyl

Nish Gera

Carlos Aires

Isaiah Lopaz

Felix Beaudry

Ugo Woatzi

Fleur Pierets & Marijn Achten

Stef Van Looveren

Meg Allen

Dodi Espinosa

Nicolas Stolarczyk

Valerie Reding

Marcel Lennartz

Eline De Clercq

Johanna Pas

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