(wide) OPEN (coo-coo) CALL for QUEER “Birds”

In the summer of 2021, a flock of queer birds in Athens - during the Queer Archive Festival - launched a playful, interactive and participatory performance entitled "Bird" Watching: techniques for spotting and identifying queer identities. They collectively tried to think about whether and to what extent slow, mindful and intentional watching can help both the observed and the observers deal better with situations of seeing, “reading”and identifying one another. This summer queer “birds” will land in Antwerp. Would you be interested in joining our flock and help us rethink and realize "Bird" Watching? – you don't need to have any previous experience with performance – you may be concerned with issues such as: “How can I be something totally different from what people see of me?” “Are the people who “see” me, different from the ones who don't?” “Who is doing all the seeing? “Can we see without language?” “Who am I when I am not seen?” “Is there a way to consciously train our vision to see without making assumptions?” – The team's preparation meetings will take place in July in Antwerp, while the final performance is on August 7. If by June 30 you have made a decision, are overcome by an impulse or have any questions you can send us an email at 


Athanasia Tsatsou (c) Alexandros Chatzidimos 

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